KompoZer is web authoring software that combines web file management and easy-to-use WYSIWYG web page editing. It is designed to be easy to use, making it ideal for non-technical computer users who want to create an attractive, professional-looking web site without needing to know HTML or web coding.
How to Access
Click on the Start Icon, and key in “Kompozer” in the Search Bar.  
 You can also download Kompozer (free) from http://www.kompozer.net and there are many support sites and tutorials available on the net.

The attached user guide steps you through the process for creating a simple website (sequence of web pages) suitable for uploading to a learning management system or an auto run CD. You can also use KompoZer to edit toolbox pages.


Comparing the Tools

Sometimes there are several ways you could create your elearning content. We have listed the key differences and similarities between commonly used tools to help you decide which one/s to use.

Please note: All Tools create html pages that can be put in TLE or WEBCT or Cdrom direct

Multimedia creation tools, eg video, audio and interactive activities
are listed elsewhere on the site. Click here for a summary (Link to be

 The major differences between the elearning content creation tools is in the level of complexity of the final product. In addition some tools are a lot simpler to use to create similar end results. Please view the Samples (to be added) to help inform your decision. 

Many elearning projects use more than one of the tools listed below to achieve the desired end result. Click on the tool name to see a summary of that tool.  



Typical Scenario

Tech Skills Required *

Access & Cost

Output Options



html based resource using text, images, weblinks and iDevices such as quizzes, image galleries, wiki pages, RSS input, Case Studies and navigation is drawn from page structures. 1

Self install through Corporate Apps

No Cost

SCORM, IMS, Website, Zip, text file


Software demonstrations and tutorials, ALSO standalone quizzes for Cdrom or SCORM reporting in WebCT

Screen Capture: 2

Interactive training: 3

Quizzes: 2

Approx $365 per licence (educational price)

Purchase through IASB

.exe file, autorun CD, print, .swf in html page


Simple presenting information sequences. Various interactive activities (list them)

Decision Trees: 2

All Others: 1

Self install through Corporate Apps

No Cost

html pages + associated files


Largely text based with images and links to other files and websites. For editing toolboxes. Scale: recommend small to medium 2 Download and Self Install. html pages + associated files

Wimba Create (Course Genie)

converting an existing word document to a series of linked webpages. Can embed media and interactivity, compose & export quizzes and glossaries 2 Requires Purchase, Cost not currently known due to recent product changes html pages + associated files


Starting out in resource building with a definite plan is a very sound idea. Part of the plan should include file management so before beginning any web page creations (using your tool of choice e.g. KompoZer, Dreamweaver) you should set up a series of folders. The attached html-files-basic document will give you some guidance.  
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